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Open Source Code

Name Description
HTML Template Bootstrap A professional HTML template using Bootstrap, that is designed to help build fast, robust, and adaptable websites.
Social Sharing Buttons Social Sharing Buttons is a collection of responsive buttons that you can place on your website to have your visitors share your website or web page. Social Sharing Buttons is available for vanilla CSS, Bootstrap, Material Design Lite and Pure.css with Font Awesome social network icons.
Sass Mixin Library Sass Mixin Library is a simple, lightweight, yet powerful mixin library for Sass.
Brand Colours Brand Colours is a collection of major brands' HEX and RGB colour codes that is available as a single CSS file or searchable on the Brand Colours website.
HTML Template HTML Template is a professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites, and is available for AMP, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Material Design Lite and more front-end frameworks.